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Dash what you staring at? by XxCloudpuffxX
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Dash what you staring at? :iconxxcloudpuffxx:XxCloudpuffxX 0 1
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Sans x Deaf!Reader- First Date?
You would think that you’d get used to being deaf when you have it your whole life. You could learn to read lips, learn sign language, and maybe even learn to talk.
It was very different for you. You never learned any of those. Well, you were adequate at reading lips, but it wasn’t a special talent. Your hands were always so shaky that you could never learn sign language, nor did you have the memory for it. And talking? If you did, it was mostly babbles, like a baby’s language.
So why did you decide to live in an area heavily populated by monsters? Monsters outweighed the humans in population, but they all lived in harmony. It was peaceful, and quiet. Well, not that you would know, everywhere was quiet to you.
In the heart of your town, there’s a monster-run restaurant, Grillby’s, that you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. You’d pass by every so often, but never stopped in.
As you walked in, you saw a wide variety of monsters, from plan
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 334 74
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Hope Of The Future - Chapter Four
“You need a bra.” My mother says without looking up from her little experiment on the table. My head however, snaps up to look at the blue-haired older woman. Red and Trunks are sitting in front of me, playing with Trunks’ blocks. Once Trunks makes a large enough pile, Red would knock it over and make both of them laugh loudly. A part of me is worried about the fact that they enjoy destruction but then again, look at their heritage. I tilt my head and stand up.
“I’m…sorry, did I hear you right mom?” I question.
“Honey, you have a Saiyan’s hearing. I know you heard me. You need a bra. You’re 13, you need one. Seems almost like you have your grandmother’s genetics.” Trunks and Red look up confused. Trunks is 4 now, but still didn’t quite understand the concept of breasts—thank goodness. “Anyway, you and I can go shopping when Gohan comes over for one.” My entire face turns a deep dark red.
:iconinuwritercor-976:InuwriterCor-976 5 25
Bonds Beyond Time Ch.1 (Mirai!Trunks x Reader)
It's been almost four years since you last seen Future Trunks. Four painfully long years...
You know you shouldn't.
It wasn't right.
It was wrong, but it didn't feel wrong.
Regardless, you knew that it is wrong to feel something for that man. Ever since you've met him on that day four years ago. There was something about him that drawn him towards Was it the fact he was Vegeta's son, but yet almost nothing like him? Whatever it was, you were attracted to him. You tried to prevent these feelings by training and helping out against the Androids, but it seems fighting could not stop your heart from telling you what you truly wanted.
You could not stop thinking about him, even after he left. You knew it isn't right to feel something for him. He is practically 17 years younger than you, even though the first time you met him you were both about the same age. You were no pedophile. God no. You were nowhere feeling any attraction for this Trunks in your timeline. In fact you practically think
:iconmei-senpai-chan:Mei-Senpai-Chan 72 14
Fututre! Trunks X Reader Ch. 8 : Protection
                                                                                     "What are we supposed to do now??"
A hyperventiling Krillin walked back and forth, it was irritating. Picollo was losing his last nerve, Tien was at lost just like the short Earthling and Vegeta was facing in an other direction and was obviously thinking about his defeat.
You were leaning against Trunks, who gave you his awesome jacket and used it as a bandage for your broken arm. He put his arm around your waist and your arm around his shoulder. Leaning against his bare, muscual arms and almost hearing his heartbeat makes you nervous and
:iconmeryx099:MeRYx099 19 6
Trunks x Reader Chapter 5
Trunks x Reader
Chapter 5: The Ending of a filler that has done nothing for the story but to amuse me and to earn a few chuckles from you readers!
(A/N: I must apologize in advance for this chapter, it’s just really random, and a summary of Whisker Power, with some lines from you readers.  But after this is where the real story picks off, with a few timeskips.  I promise.  But I do hope you enjoy this goofy chapter anyway. :) )
Pan, Goku, (name), and Doma, hid to the side as Trunks tries to talk to Zoonama.  Trunks really isn’t that good of an actor, so they were having doubts.  And his high-pitch girl voice wasn’t all too convincing either.  But his performance was convincing enough for Zoonama though, he picked Trunks up and walked off.
They waited a few moments, knowing that if they followed too closely they would get caught.  But when it seemed that the coast was clear they ran into the forest.  
They could barely see Zoonam
:iconpoke-melody:Poke-Melody 60 21
Future Trunks X Reader - Part 1 (Rewritten)
Important! Please read!!!
Sup! So, yes from what you can read on the title is true.
I am rewriting my Future Trunks X Reader fanfiction because well, I didn't like it!
I know some of you did, but the fanfiction had errors in it. Like the androids able to sense energy.
Well, that information is not true! They can't sense you! Haha! And reader-chan having amnesia, I didn't like either.
Like it wasn't even necessary I just wanted it like that.
Well, anyways, while I was away from my fanfiction I was able to research Future Trunks timeline and figure out a lot of things to make this fanfiction accurate enough to the anime. And also included me watching the special "The History of Trunks". I cried.
Well anyways, I did all this because I'm such a freaking (lazy) perfectionist and I like to have every single detail as accurate as possible!!!!
Ugh, sometimes I hate being this way, but I'm actually liking how it's turning out now with the information I have so, YEAH!
Enjoy this story!!!&
:icondreaming-anime:Dreaming-Anime 50 17
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